Ten indie games that need to come to Stadia in 2021

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These are 10 indie games that would be great for Google Stadia in 2021

These are 10 indie games that would be great for Google Stadia in 2021

Stadia has already shown they’re committed to supporting indie game developers with their new Stadia Makers program. This allows new and existing indie developers to bring their games to the platform. You can find out more about that here.

Now here’s a top 10 of indie games who’s popularity on their respective platforms would bring a ton of new players to Stadia.

Hollow Knight

This atmospheric 2D platformer is the perfect combination of stunning visuals, expansive open-world exploration and challenging yet satisfying combat mechanics. Developed by Team Cherry, Hollow Knight provides an immersive ‘metroid-vania’ experience. The Original soundtrack will either stop you in your tracks or have you on the edge of your seat.

The player must explore the ruined kingdom of Hallownest. With only your witts and a broken nail, piece together the subtle yet compelling story of the kingdoms fall, as well as the key to its future. Unlike most PC titles, Hollow Knight not only supports controller use but recommends it for the ideal gaming experience.

The perfect addition to Google Stadia’s lineup. Hollow Knight boasts over 3 million copies sold and overwhelmingly positive reviews on steam. A massive boost for Stadia, even if only a small proportion of players decided to make the jump to cloud gaming.

Hollow Knight Silk Song

The award-winning ‘metroid-vania’ now has a soon to be released sequel! Featuring the fan-favourite character Hornet. Silk song promises to be everything that the Original game brought and more.

New exotic landscapes and a new combat style unique to the protagonist. Not to mention another stunning soundtrack by Christopher Larkin. Silk song is highly anticipated by fans of the Original Hollow Knight and promises to bring in countless new players to the franchise.

Were Stadia to add this upcoming title to their growing game library, we would see a significant increase in the player base. Silk song along with Hollow Knight would be the perfect games to pave the way for more indie titles.

Don’t Starve

This top-down sandbox survival game is full of charm. Sporting a quirky yet grim art style and unique lineup of characters and enemies. Klei entertainment brings you a beautifully simple, yet in-depth and challenging indie title.

Hundreds of unique crafting recipes as well as a menagerie of beasts to fight or befriend. Don’t starve is brimming with content. Exploration, crafting, survival a plenty in this 2D masterpiece.

The base game is bolstered by not one but two expansions, each with their own unique challenges. The Reign of Giants DLC offers new bosses and biomes to enhance your survival experience. Whereas the Shipwrecked DLC offers an entirely new map with a host of new mechanics.

The simplicity of Don’t starve’s gameplay is perfect for playing on the go which makes it an obvious choice for Stadia’s cloud gaming on mobile. Whilst a mobile port does exist, it is limited by less optimised controller support and doesn’t allow for both DLCs to be active at once which is something the PC version does perfectly.

Don’t Starve Together

What’s better than fighting to survive in a world of dangerous creatures and treacherous seasons? Now you can (not) starve with your friends. The popular indie title now has a multiplayer version with a host of unique content.

Host a server or join your friends, even play with strangers. A ton of customisable options to tailor your multiplayer survival experience. Don’t starve together is constantly being updated, even as you read this, meaning there is always a reason to come back for more.

Earn in-game goodies to customise your character’s style and even spice up placeable structures. Bringing this game to Stadia would enhance both cloud gaming and the game itself. No longer would being at work or school prevent you from jumping on your favourite server with friends. Now as long as you have a decent Internet connection, you can join your friends for the ultimate survival multiplayer experience.

Stadia’s crowd play function means content creators to share a link with followers allowing them to join their multiplayer sessions. This would be great for DST as it allows streamers and YouTube to easily create lobbies for dozens of fans at a time.

Not only this the screen share feature helps players coordinate without the need for verbal communication.


Renowned for its insane difficulty and retro art style, cuphead would make an excellent addition to Stadia. Studio MDHRs sidescrolling ‘bossrush’ gameplay is both incredibly satisfying and seriously frustrating.

Cuphead has all the charm of an old Micky Mouse cartoon but with a modern twist.  The game itself is fairly linear, however, the replay value comes from beating every stage and boss and earning an S rank in each. This involves playing the game on expert difficulty and meeting all the specified requirements.

As frustrating as the game can be, its smooth controls (particularly with a controller) and quirky 1930s visuals and music make it a must for Stadia. Cuphead is the perfect game to play on the go. Have some spare time at work? Why not grind out an S rank on that pesky Boss fight.

If Stadia wants to compete with the Nintendo Switch, which boasts a number of indie titles, they need to be snatching up popular indie games like Cuphead.

Stardew Valley

Now onto a game that’s less challenge and more chill. Stardew Valley is a quaint farming sim meets RPG indie title. The player takes over their grandfather’s modest plot of land and are tasked with remaking/expanding it to their own desire.

Stardew Valley combines the freedom of a sandbox game with the personality of an RPG. You can chop trees, catch fish, grow crops and everything else you would expect from a farming simulation game. But that’s not all, there are a number of unique NPCs with who you can interact and build relationships with. This adds another layer of immersion and personality to the game, without the player feeling like their playthrough is on rails like with certain other RPGs.

Once again we see a perfect game for cloud gaming on the go. Stardew is the kind of game you can play for hours on end or just a few minutes at a time. It’s also multiplayer so even if you can’t always find a lot of free time alongside your friends, cloud gaming offers that extra level of flexibility so you and your friends can farm to your heart’s content.


Another visually stunning indie game, this time from the developers at thatgamecompany. Despite being over 9 years old, the art style and soundtrack will leave you breathless. This awesome adventure title has you exploring expansive, ancient landscapes in order to experience the games emotionally charged story. The story is kept intentionally vague which gives the player a sense of mystery.

With full controller support, Journey has incredibly satisfying gameplay to match its gorgeous aesthetic. Why traverse on foot? When you can glide through the in-game world in order to experience the full scale of your environment.

Like most indie titles, it is the charming simplicity of the gameplay which makes it so perfect for cloud gaming. No need to sit hunched over your phone, never looking away from an intensive first-person shooter experience. Instead, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the breathtaking immersion of Journey and similar indie games. Stadia would benefit considerably from investing in indie games and developers, as would its player base.

Untitled Goose Game

From the developer’s House House, this charmingly simple top-down puzzle game would make a great addition to Stadia games. As the name suggests, the main character is a Goose, finding creative ways of messing with the population of a quiet village.

Simple Controls with full controller support makes this game ideal for mobile cloud gaming. Satisfying progression and ridiculous pranks are the core of this game experience.

With overwhelming positivity surrounding this game, Stadia could really benefit from something a bit less serious now and then.

Dead Cells

Back to the gorgeous range of 2D indie platformers now, this time with dead Cells. This stunning roguelike features a beautifully atmospheric art style, not to mention one of the best Original soundtracks of any indie game.

Explore a variety of in-environments, collect upgrades and take on a wide range of enemies. Once your character is powered up, it’s time to challenge some bosses for some more unique loot.

Being a rogue-like allows dead Cells to be played easily on the go. Suddenly that break at work becomes an immersive boss rush.

The developer of Dead Cells, has reportedly taken an interest in Stadia and cloud gaming. They are currently ‘looking into‘ bringing the game to the platform but currently, there is no release date. The game already features full controller support so it’s just a matter of time!

The Binding of Isaacs Rebirth

The final entry on this list is another rogue-like. This time from the wacky mind of Ed Mcmillan. The Binding of Isaacs Rebirth is a game brimming with content, not to mention numerous expansions.

You play as Isaac, a small child to retreats into his insane mother’s basement to flee her biblical murderous rage. Isaacs uses his tears as a weapon to take down a plethora of disgusting enemies and grotesque bosses. Unlock items to enhance your game experience and use the unique synergies to become something greater.

Like most games on this list, The Binding of Isaac boasts a unique art style and incredible soundtrack. The replay value of this game cannot be overstated and you will find yourself delving into the depths again and again in order to uncover the games secrets and unlock powerful new items.

This game has a dedicated community, some of whom have even contributed content in the form of mods and official, community-created DLC. This would be a massive boost to Stadia as there currently is not an official mobile port which many fans have longed for.

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