How Stadia’s Future Is Bright

Why Stadia's Future is bright
We go over how Stadia's future is bright and how things are only going to get better.

How Stadia will only get bigger in the future

So everything that is said in this article is my own opinion and it is what I believe. Now due to the fact that i live in the UK, i will be writing this article from a UK perspective.

So first of all losing Stadia Games and Entertainment is a massive blow to Stadia, as we all know that exclusive games sell consoles. Especially with Microsoft now owning Bethesda. This was a bad move by Google, but it doesn’t mean that Google can’t further down the line buy game studious and have them make exclusive games. Or buy the rights to certain games on Stadia.

So now we have got the negative points out the way, let’s look at how the future is bright for Stadia.

5G network

So as we all know Mobile Gaming makes more revenue than console and pc combined. Meaning that mobile gaming takes up a massive percentage of the gaming market. As we can see from this image shown below. You can also have a read of this article from 2018, which was when mobile gaming overtook console and pc in revenue.

How Stadia's Future Is Bright Daily Google Stadia News

Now, this is no surprise and everyone owns a phone and has like a spare hour to spend time playing some games. So how does mobile gaming and 5g help Stadia?

Well with 5G starting to roll out in more areas and when it starts to become the main network for all mobile consumers, this will allow more people to try out cloud gaming such as Stadia. As if we look at a comparison of 4G vs 5G, we can see a huge increase in download speeds, which is what Stadia requires in order to play. How Stadia's Future Is Bright Daily Google Stadia News

Now while Stadia works pretty well on 4G, there are a few spikes here and there. So 5g will only make playing games on mobile a whole lot better, and as we mentioned above. Mobile gaming takes up a massive share of the market. So 5G and Stadia put together will allow more people to try out cloud gaming and realize how amazing it is.

Plus with Stadia now being available on IOS, it means that anyone can play console games on the go, without having to ever worry about storage. Like take me for example, i have around 70 Stadia games that i can play at any point when i am out and about. I don’t have to worry about keeping these games updated or have to worry about storage.

Another reason 5G will help Stadia, is due to the fact that in the UK, most mobile networks offer unlimited data. So a lot of my family members or friends, tend not to have wifi and just tether there 4G, due to it being unlimited. So with 5G starting to roll out and with it being faster than a lot of wifi networks. This will help more people try out Stadia.

Stadia on LG TV’s

How Stadia's Future Is Bright Daily Google Stadia News

Stadia is expected to launch on LG TV’s, according to LG we can expect it in the second half of 2021, according to 

Now, this is massive, as anyone who buys a new LG TV will also have access to Stadia, without having to buy a Chromecast, in which i assume they will be able to link any controller via Bluetooth.

Stadia coming with LG TV’s needs to become the main driving point, especially further down the line Google needs to get it available on every TV that is being sold. As we all know, if you buy any TV nowadays, it has Netflix’s, Disney Plus and a few other apps already installed and ready to go when you plug in your TV.

This is amazing knowing that, eventually you will be at a point where you can pick up a £200 TV and have a beefy gaming platform pre-installed ready to go, giving you access to all the latest games.


As we have seen over the past decade, Games have only got bigger and will continue to get bigger. I mean i still remember the good old days with my PS2 Memory card only being like 8MB.

How Stadia's Future Is Bright Daily Google Stadia News

Which is crazy to think. Considering games nowadays take up around 100GB or more, and with consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X only having around 1TB of storage, over this console cycle that is going to become an issue real fast after game updates and whatnot.

Especially how a lot of game developers force huge updates on you because they want you to fill up your storage, so you don’t have any room to install other games, meaning you will just play there’s.

Now yes you can buy expandable storage, but this can become costly. Or you can just uninstall certain games, but in 2021 why should you have to uninstall like 2 games just to play one game.

So this will be a huge selling point for Stadia and other cloud gaming platforms moving forward, as you can have access to as many games as you want, at any point without having to worry about downloads or updates.

It’s Free

With Google Stadia now adding more free games, this means that Google Stadia is the only free platform that you can sign up for and play something like Destiny 2 without having to spend a single penny.

This is huge as maybe someone has a lot of bills and has to be super careful with there money, so they can’t afford to buy a brand new console or an expensive pc. So they can register for Stadia and play it on anything they already own.

Not only is it free to join, but if Google decides to upgrade the servers, this won’t cost you a penny either.


Stadia’s future is really bright, now obviously I can’t predict what Google is going to do further down the line with Stadia and if they will change up the business model or anything like that.

But as it stands, technology is only going to get better and at some point, in the future, we will be at a point that playing on Stadia or any cloud gaming platform, will be like playing on local hardware with no input delays.

I think Stadia had a rough launch, there is no denying that especially how to begin, with I don’t think they knew how to market it very well. Which has led to a lot of confusion around Stadia. With people still thinking that you have to pay for Stadia and that games are super expensive on there and a bunch of other stuff.

But from the launch of Stadia to now, Google seems to have a better understanding of Stadia and how to advertise it. This is why we have seen a clear increase in more players joining Stadia. So as the negative around Stadia fades and people understand it better and with everything I have mentioned above, Stadia is only going to get better.

Why do you think Stadia’s Future is bright? Let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article, why not share it on social media.

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