Google Stadia Interview

We managed to ask Google a few questions about the Google Stadia, these questions are some we have taken from Reddit as well as some we have compiled ourselves. Down below you can find the full interview:

1) When can we expect the First Google Stadia exclusive game to come/be announced? If you can’t answer, are they at least in the works? 

While we are not disclosing any specific content or dates for first party content right now, Stadia Games and Entertainment, our First Party studio, is focused on amplifying our content offering with exclusives for the Stadia platform. Our goal is to showcase the best of our platform in the most compelling content possible. Not only are we able to captivate players and keep them delighted on our platform, but we also show other developer partners what’s possible with Stadia and how they can use our techniques to amplify their games in meaningful ways.

2) Will you allow people to pre-order games on the Google Stadia? If so, what incentive would you give, e.g. would players get early access? Or in-game items? 

Gamers can now pre-order the Founder’s Edition for some great benefits including reserving their Stadia Name, getting the limited edition Night-Blue controller, Chromecast Ultra, 3 months of Stadia Pro (including the full Destiny 2 experience) and a Buddy pass, which lets you gift three months of Stadia Pro to a friend. The Founder’s Editions are almost sold out in some countries.  

Of course, gamers will be able to buy and play their favorite games on Stadia, however we don’t have anything to announce today about pre-ordering specific content.

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3) Can we expect VR support further down the line? 

We have not released any information about potential VR support.

4) Can we expect to see free-to-play games come to Google Stadia? E.G. Fortnite? Or Apex Legends? 

We haven’t announced any free-to-play games for Stadia, however, the Founder’s Edition comes with three free months of Stadia Pro, which will include, for free games, the entire Destiny 2 experience.  Gamers will be able to play that, and other games that come to Stadia Pro as long as they remain a subscriber.  

5) How will you handle system updates? Will this lead to any downtime? 

Stadia platform and content updates and are managed in the cloud and available right away.  For example, when you purchase a game or DLC on Stadia you get access to it like you would on any other platform, but one benefit is that there is no annoying download time. 

6) How does Family Sharing / Family Plan work? Can Pro and game purchases be shared in a household? What kind of parental controls will be in place? 

The Stadia Founder’s Editions will feature Buddy Passes. A Buddy Pass is an opportunity for our founders to give the gift of Stadia to one friend. Buddy Pass will give one player free access to Stadia Pro for three months and all the flexibility of gaming in a Chrome browser on any computer or on their Pixel Phone. 

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Stadia will offer thoughtful parental controls to provide parents the ability to manage their children’s experience on the platform. For example, we will be building in content restrictions that the parent can set to ensure their child is only exposed to age appropriate content (as determined by ESRB ratings). 

Parents can use their existing Google account via the Family Link app or the Stadia parental dashboard to set permissions for content access, social, play, purchasing and more. Since your child’s account is tied to yours via the Family Link app, you will receive an alert any time your son or daughter want to play/purchase a new game – both when it is a paid or free experience. You can then remotely approve or deny access.

7) We know achievements are coming to Google Stadia, however, will they be earned retrospectively? So that they are achieved when the achievement system is released? Or will players have to replay the game?

Achievements on Stadia will be similar to other platforms. However, they will not be there immediately at launch. Details will come a little bit later.

8) What other games can we expect to see come to Google Stadia before it launches? 

We’ve announced over 40 games coming to Stadia so far, the full list can be found at this link:

More games will be announced soon.

If you would like any other questions answered, please let a comment down below and we can see about getting them answered.

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