Features The Google Stadia Store is Missing

Google Stadia Store
We go over features that are missing from the Google Stadia store that are needed.

Features The Google Stadia Store is Missing and Needs

In this article, we are going to go over the Google Stadia Store and talk about features that are missing from the store page when trying to buy a game that is really needed to make buying games easier, as well as, making the store a better overall experience.

So when it comes to buying games on Google Stadia you can currently only buy them via your mobile phone or via the web browser. So, unfortunately, you can’t buy any games via the Chromecast Ultra, which is what is used to play Google Stadia via the TV. So as you might have guessed the first thing we are going to talk about is allowing the purchase of games through the Chromecast Ultra.

Buying Stadia Games Through the Chromecast Ultra

Buying games through the Chromecast Ultra should have been a feature from the beginning when Google Stadia launched.

Why Google didn’t implement this, to begin with, is beyond me, but it is a feature that the Stadia community has been asking for.  As it would make the Chromecast Ultra experience more seamless.

Especially now that Google has reduced the price of the Stadia Premiere Edition, making it more appealing for people to pick up.

Features The Google Stadia Store is Missing Daily Google Stadia News

A Search Bar in the Stadia Store

This is something that should have been in the Stadia store from the very beginning, however, i understand why it wasn’t, as the Stadia games library was very small at launch so you didn’t need to search for a game to buy.

However, as the Google Stadia games library continues to grow, Google needs to add a search bar, especially how the layout of the Stadia store isn’t exactly the very best.

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A search bar is basic eCommerce stuff, however, Google Stadia is missing it. I mean we don’t even have a search bar when it comes to searching for games we own in our library. Now as i said it’s not an issue just yet, but as the Stadia games library continues to grow, it is something Google needs to work on implementing.

Add To Cart

Why is it that if i want to buy multiple Stadia games, i have to try to work out how much it is going to cost me and then individually go to each one of those games and purchase them like that is so long. Google you need to add an add to cart button, so we can buy multiple Stadia games at once.

As with an add to cart button, you can add all the games you want to the cart and see how much it is going to cost and if you can afford it. As well as that it makes buying multiple games a lot easier, as you don’t have to buy one, then go back to all games and try and find the other one you want to buy.

Especially with the Stadia games library growing, this is a basic feature that needs to be added.


A Wishlist is one of those features that isn’t as important as what we have mentioned above, however, will make using the Stadia store more user friendly.

As you know there have been times where you want to buy a game, but you’d rather wait for it to go on sale or maybe wait for it to eventually become a pro game. This is where the wishlist would come in, as you would just add the game to your wishlist and then if that game goes on sale or becomes a pro game, users will get notified via email about the change in price. Which in turn would increase sales in the Stadia store.

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As well as that it would allow your friends to be able to see your wishlist and even allow them to buy a game for you in your wishlist.

Customer Reviews

You know those times you are looking at buying a game but have no idea if it is going to be any good.

Well, that is where customer reviews would come in, even if it is just a star rating system. Something would be nice to know if a game is any good.

Especially when Google Stadia starts to get more timed exclusive games and Stadia only games, the ability for customers to leave a review, would allow anyone else who is thinking about buying that game the ability to see how everyone else thought about it. Especially how there isn’t a big press presence when it comes to Google Stadia, so a lot of the games on Stadia arent being reviewed by press sites. Making it harder to know if a game is any good or not. Adding this feature would increase sales for games.


These are just a couple of features we noticed are missing from the Stadia store when it comes to buying games, however, if we missed anything which you think should be added, let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article, why not share it on social media.

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