Content Creator Interview – The Stadia Revolution

Content Creator Interview with The Stadia Revolution

We reached out to The Stadia Revolution to find out why he started making content, as well as finding out his opinion on what he wants to see from Google for the first year anniversary. Be sure to subscribe to The Stadia Revolution here.

1. What made you want to start doing content about Stadia?

I wanted to do content for Stadia because I wanted to talk about it with other people. It was early in the life cycle, so it was a good opportunity to get in on the ground floor. I saw the bigger content creators, and found they were nice, and welcoming.

2. What game would you love to see come to Google Stadia? and why?

Pac-Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, a remake of Power Stone.

3. What are you hoping to see happen for Stadia’s first year anniversary?

I would love to see a big marketing blitz.

4. What do you think Google needs to do better to support content creators talking about Stadia?

Nothing. We’re not employees of Google, so they aren’t obligated to support us like that. However, they have supported a community event before, and that was great. If anything, if I had to say, I would like to see some of the bigger channels get some sponsored support for different events.

5. With Xcloud and Luna starting to get into the cloud gaming space. What do you think Stadia’s main selling point is?

Its main selling point is that it is still the one true Cloud gaming platform. xCloud, and Luna are essentially cloud gaming services, whereas Stadia is it’s own ecosystem. They are great options for what they each offer, so you can use them all if you’re so inclined to do so.

6. Do you have anything to add?

Stadia is a great platform, and the experience with it has been amazing for me and it fits my use case. I do wish there wasn’t so much misinformation out there.

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