Content Creator Interview – Eddie Player 1

Content Creator Interview with Eddie Player 1

We reached out to Eddie to find out why he started making content, as well as finding out his opinion on what he wants to see from Google for the first year anniversary. Be sure to subscribe to Eddie Here on YouTube.

1. What made you want to start doing content about Stadia?

Always wanted to create content, and with the announcement of Stadia I decided to give it a try!

2. What game would you love to see come to Google Stadia? and why?

Just counting the days to Uplay+ to arrive =)

3. What are you hoping to see happen for Stadia’s first year anniversary?

A teaser of what’s to come in the next year, showing what the SG&E studio has worked on, and of course Cyberpunk 2077 day and date release.

4. What do you think Google needs to do better to support content creators talking about Stadia?

Whenever trying to launch a feature in beta, talk to the creators who support the platform to try those features first and give feedback.

5. With Xcloud and Luna starting to get into the cloud gaming space. What do you think Stadia’s main selling point is?

No subscriptions are needed. Just purchase your games and play!

6. Do you have anything to add?

Stadia is a brand new platform, and patience is key. I’ve put so much pressure on it because I want to see it succeed, but I understand that things take time.

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