May 17, 2022

Essentials for starting your own accountant firm

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Essentials for starting your own accountant firm

With the increase number of business setups in Dubai people are now demands more about hiring good accountant. People often hire employees through newspaper advertisement but now the trend is changing and people are looking towards the expert agencies for hiring professional staff. With this trend professional agencies are now emerging and growing fast so you can easily establish one of your own and start your profitable business in chartered accountant firms but it is not that easy how much it sounds. You have to do so many things and have to complete many requirements before you start that. Following are some essential things to remember and to act upon for the accounting services.

Registration: First of all you have to be registered through a proper channel because without the registration you cannot operate a firm in Dubai. For registration you have to first select the name of your firm which is not used by any other firm before and you have to register that name then you have to mention your office address because in Dubai you cannot start any kind of professional business from your home, you have to have a business address for operating it without any trouble.

Staff: After registration the most hectic work is to hire the staff and register the staff for your clients. Firstly you have to hire the staff for your own firm to make it run smoothly. After the hiring of your own staff then there comes the phase in which different people come to register themselves to get hired by other firms. This is a crucial part which has to be completed very carefully. You have to check all the documents and the background of those people before registering them because it is your responsibility to check before referring them to others. Your clients will come to you with the belief that they will get the best people in this field and if you do not investigate people before registering then it may damage your reputation in case of any mishap. Then you will lose your clients and they prefer other professional firms over you. You have to carefully and critically check all the documents and criminal records of the persons who came to you.

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